Yesterday was officially a BAD day, as I discovered that my entire crop of garlic, mere weeks from harvesting, had got garlic rust. Whilst this fungus, which infects the leaves of the garlic plant, is totally harmless to humans it has the annoying effect of stopping the development of the garlic bulb in its tracks.

I went to bed fuming….

Today was officially a BETTER day as I pulled myself together (it’s only garlic for goodness sake) and dug up my entire crop of semi formed garlic heads and decided to make the best out of a bad situation.

Two hours later and I had roasted all the garlic until they were golden and the cloves could be squished out with my fingers and quickly pulsed in blender to make a smooth paste of the most delicious, sweet, roasted garlic puree.

No one can eat that amount of garlic puree before it goes off but luckily for me, if you dollop it in a line on a piece of foil, you can roll it up like a sausage, freeze it and whenever you need to add a garlic hit to your food you can break off a chunk and chuck it in.  

Victory snatched from the jaws of defeat…..

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