Surviving The Menopause

When: TBA

Time: TBA

Cost: £15 per ticket, but bring some change for some of our delicious naturally sweetened cakes (no refined sugars to be found!)

The Natural Cook Company is very proud to be partnering with the wonderful Kaye from Osborne Nutrition to bring you a series of fun and informational talks on key family nutrition topics.  The first in the series will be Surviving the menopause

The menopause can be a difficult time for a lot of women.

A sudden drop in oestrogen levels, along with imbalances in other hormones, such as thyroid, insulin and cortisol can leave you feeling pretty miserable!

Don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be like this!

Making some simple changes to your diet and lifestyle will help re-balance your hormones, reduce your symptoms and help get your life back on track.


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