Winter BBQ Course

When: Sunday 7th November, 2021

Cost: £135 for full day

Master the techniques required to grill perfectly tender meat and learn how to smoke, roast and even bake using your BBQ.

Partnering with Beefeater BBQs we are delighted to bring this Winter BBQ course to demonstrate the sheer versatility you have with Beefeater Gas BBQs and to show you BBQs don’t have to just be for the summer.

The amazing Dan from Roots Fire & Food is back showing you how to forget all about those burgers or sausages, instead taking your bbq skills to the next level. On this winter course we focus on hearty, warming dishes packed full of flavour. Showing you two exciting ways with Pork, one as a Japanese Pork Belly and one as a ‘quick’ Pulled Pork, some fantastic Shawarma Chicken Kebabs with flatbreads, a Tomato Pie that I think is the ultimate comfort food, plus lots of other sides and extras.

Book now and get ready to fall back in love with your bbq despite the weather getting colder!

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